Giant Vagina Sculpture Protests Israel's Sex Work Industry (NSFW)

It was installed just in time for International Women's Day.

A large protest of Israel's sex work industry just hit the streets.

A 10-foot-high vagina sculpture was installed on a Tel Aviv thoroughfare to honor International Women's Day on Tuesday, the Times of Israel reported.

Artists Sasha Kurbatov and Vanane Borian crafted the giant vulva from cards that advertise sex work services. A 50-foot trail of the same type of cards leads to the work on Rothschild Boulevard.

Hundreds of brothels operating illegally in Tel Aviv are reportedly responsible for the cards strewn about city sidewalks, the Jerusalem Post reported. Advertising sex services is against the law as well.

“All the fragments of women that are on the floor, people are stepping on them, they see it, and there is no longer any value to it," Borian told The Times of Israel. "A woman simply loses all value and becomes an object, not even a complete object.”

The artists did not answer a Huffington Post request for comment about the specifics of their message. According to The Independent, the artists needed a year to build the work using about 10,000 of the cards. "We hope that the project speaks for itself," Kurbatov said, per Haaretz.

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