Why Everyone In The World Cares So Much About Your Vagina

Why does everyone care so much about vaginas? I think that this is a great question that was recently posed by my friend and colleague, Lawrence Lanoff. Vaginas are one of the most regulated and marketed body parts in the world. First off, if you are a woman, did you know that your vagina is one of the biggest sources of the flow of money around the world? That's right; there are diamonds between your thighs and lots of people are ready to cash in.

That's right, vaginas are a source of industry and commerce -- therefore vaginas are a source of power and people want to control, direct, and own power sources because that makes them wealthy AND important. So why are vaginas so valuable? Let me counts the ways. Vaginas are a source of income in pornography and other sources of erotic entertainment such as lap dances, "Titty Bars", Escort Sources and other forms of sex work. If a woman is choosing to cash in with her own vagina -- fabulous. And some women are not so lucky and their vaginas are trafficked for the income and power of others. Those whose control vaginas control a source of tremendous income.

And it's not just sex. Vaginas are also a source of child birth. When we medicalize child birth and take it out of the home, child birth becomes a tremendous industry. Those who control how we birth, and the rules and regulations about child birth, are once again in the seat of power and in control of the money to be made around vaginas. We sell eggs and rent women's wombs -- and once again there is an entire industry built around that. How informed are women about these options? They can be great options -- but is the woman who owns the vagina running the show or someone else?

Do you know that there are over 200 regulations and laws on the books about vaginas and not one that I know of around penises? Vaginas are giving politicians and lobbyists work too! Isn't that wonderful? Vaginas and what we do with them can help get some elected to office. Vaginas are amazing. They can keep an entire economy alive (by the way, that's me being snarky).

So here is my question for people with vaginas. Do you feel in control of your vagina or are the industries around vaginas controlling you? "We" have created "Vagina Standards" of beauty too. It's not just enough to have a vagina, we have to have an approved vagina.

Once again, the perception that women are given about their vagina supports a gold mine of plastic surgery techniques to make sure that our vaginas comply with vagina standards which support a gold mine in the plastic surgery industry. And then there is our pubic hair and the "cleaning up" of our vaginas. And did you know that some vaginas need rejuvenating? Don't worry; we can fix that too.

Imagine, an entire industry completely devoted to cleaning up the vagina. We have hygiene sprays, douches and other products to control our scent, our menstruation and the natural state of our pussies. And I could go on. You could probably add to this list. And guess who is holding the strings of the vaginal fortune? Mostly it's men although there are women who have figured out that they too can make money on regulating, controlling and cashing in on vaginas.

And this is exactly why everyone cares so much about vaginas. Got it? Now, what about you?

If you are a woman, do you know how powerful your vagina is? Now, I am talking outside of the industry of vaginas. This is the part that has also been controlled -- and I am devoted to helping you take all of that power back. You vagina is a source of magic, your inner pharmacy, a source of creation and pleasure. Your vagina is a very hot commodity in the world; and for you --- it's a sacred vessel that can change your life.

Who's in charge and how are you taking care of this vital, amazing and magical source of feminine energy? How are YOU feeding her, listening to her and allowing her to drive your life instead of allowing others to use your vagina as a way to line their pockets and control you?

Pamela Madsen is a female sexuality educator and runs retreats around the world connecting women back to their bodies.

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