Vaginas Against Trump

Vaginas Against Trump is a movement that is using this opportunity to look misogyny directly in the face,
Amanda May
Amanda May

Dear Mr.Trump [and those that support him],

We see your sexist, racist, oppressive ways and we say: NO Thank you! We stand united with those you consistently devalue and demean.

We know our personal power ― the power that birthed creation. This power is not to be feared, but demands your respect; respect not just for women but for our planet and all folks!

Sincerely with love,

Your grandmother, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, niece, friend, stranger and any warm beating heart with a strong moral compass.

“This is nothing more than a distraction from the important issues we’re facing today’, claimed Donald Trump during one of the saddest apologies on record. Far from a distraction, the disturbing video of Trump claiming dominion over women’s bodies is an all too familiar representation of the patriarchal undercurrent that leads to rape culture, gender-based violence, and diminishes the rights of female-identified bodies.

Vaginas Against Trump is a movement that is using this opportunity to look misogyny directly in the face, join people together and say NO MORE!  Let’s make it known that we no longer accept outdated, dangerous excuses for violent speech, like “locker room talk”. Clearly, The Donald does not value women’s rights or human rights.

Thankfully, my friend Amanda May does. Amanda is a sex educator and founder of the Vaginas Against Trump movement. Her story and her initiative are powerful and resonant with the full spectrum of gender identities and genitalia. Vaginas Against Trump’s proceeds are fully donated to Planned Parenthood.   

Why did you start Vaginas Against Trump?

It was really born out of a sleepless night after watching the first debate, trying to understand the justification of any woman supporting this man. The next day I found myself searching the web for a suitable t-shirt to accurately represent the disdain I felt for Mr. Trump and what he represents. It wasn’t long before I realized I wanted something really bold, something that would make a statement. Then I found the design I was looking for within myself: Vaginas Against Trump.

Why the word Vagina?

As a somatic sex educator, I work mostly with women in their 30-40s around their sexuality. It is amazing to witness the baggage of disconnection, lack of education and shame we carry around in regards to our genitals.  And I get it. I spent years carrying it too (I’m sure I still have some of that extra baggage). Through my own experience and what I have witnessed  through others, is that by naming it and owning it, you are reclaiming the power lost to the system that taught us that this part of our body is less valuable and outstanding than it really is. And need it be said, Vagina is anatomical term.

I want to, as Mr. Trump would so eloquently say, grab the power and pride back “by the pussy”.

What can we do to join the movement?

Like with any good social movement, like/follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We want you to share with your friends and social world why this movement is important to you.

And last, but certainly not least, you can make a statement with some of our merchandise which is only available at

Remember, all proceeds go towards Planned Parenthood.

Is there anything you’re feeling hopeful about during this seemingly toxic, tumultuous election?

I hope it continues to bring to the surface the flaws in the fabric of this culture that affect real people every day. Usually we hear politicians talk about racism, sexism, tolerance, but this year, we’re actually seeing the presidential candidate of a major party embody the very qualities in which they pretend don’t exist. This is opening up the door for conversation and hopeful action around the things that actually keep people from feeling equal and free in this country.

Thank you, Trump. Thank you for this opportunity to raise money for Planned Parenthood and say no to misogyny.