Val Kilmer Reveals Michael Douglas Apologized For Suggesting He Has Cancer

"He's a classy guy," Kilmer said of his former co-star.
Val Kilmer revealed Tuesday night that Michael Douglas has apologized for incorrectly revealing Kilmer was battling cancer.&n
Val Kilmer revealed Tuesday night that Michael Douglas has apologized for incorrectly revealing Kilmer was battling cancer. 

Val Kilmer has revealed his former co-star Michael Douglas has apologized for publicly suggesting the “Top Gun” actor was battling cancer

In a Facebook post shared Tuesday night, Kilmer confirmed he received a “nice note” from Douglas apologizing for providing the misinformation. 

“[He] was grateful to hear I am doing well,” Kilmer wrote. “He’s a classy guy.” 

In his post, the “True Romance” actor also provides a few details about meeting Douglas and his father, Kirk, for the first time. You can read it in full below: 

Kilmer’s message comes a few weeks after Douglas said in an interview, “Val was a wonderful guy who is dealing with exactly what I had, and things don’t look too good for him.” 

After the news spread, a rep for Douglas released a statement regarding the actor’s comments, noting he was “under the impression” Kilmer was ill. Kilmer himself then disputed Douglas claims in a Facebook post saying his former co-star was “misinformed.” 

Speculation surrounding Kilmer’s health began circulating in January 2015, when it was reported that the “Top Gun” actor had been hospitalized after he began bleeding from his throat. It was believed the star underwent surgery for a throat tumor. 

Kilmer has adamantly denied any illness or surgery, though he was spotted out in December 2015 with what seemed to be a tracheostomy tube around his neck. Afterward, he continued covering his neck with scarves and bandanas when out in public. 

This past February, the actor was seen without the medical device (or scarf) around his neck in a few photos he shared online, but he has yet to address it. 

Last week, Kilmer made his first public appearance since denying Douglas’ claims and was having trouble speaking, according to People. The actor, who was promoting his one-man play in “Citizen Twain” in Los Angeles, reportedly admitted to the crowd that he was “still recovering” though he did not say from what. 

“My tongue swelled up and I canceled the tour. As I’m recovering, I’m showing this,” he reportedly said.



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