Val Kilmer Reveals How Tom Cruise Reacted To His Prank On The Set Of 'Top Gun'

Kilmer says he was just trying to break the ice... Iceman-style.

Actor Val Kilmer says he pranked “Top Gun” costar Tom Cruise during the making of the now-iconic 1980s action film.

The Daily Beast published an excerpt from Kilmer’s memoir, I’m Your Huckleberry, in which he details an attempt to “break the ice” with Cruise during the production:

“My favorite moment between us was a small prank in which I gave him an extremely expensive bottle of champagne but placed it in the middle of a giant field and made him follow scavenger-hunt-style clues to find it. I hid behind a bleacher and watched him lug the giant crate to his motorcycle.”

But if Cruise appreciated the fancy booze, he didn’t show it.

“He never did thank me for the Iceman-style bit,” Kilmer wrote. “I thought it would break the ice, but I guess the ice was just right.”

The “Top Gun” sequel, “Top Gun: Maverick,” originally set for a summer release, has been pushed back to Christmas amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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