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A Cheater's Guide To Homemade Valentine's Day Candy (PHOTOS)

This is for all you procrastinators out there.

Here we are, the day before Valentine's Day, and we're willing to bet that most of you out there haven't done a thing to prepare. That's okay. We know you had good intentions. You meant to make reservations at that great new restaurant. You even thought about preparing an elaborate feast at home. But somehow, between days of procrastinating and weeks of forgetfulness, all that fell to the wayside and now you find yourself here, the day before Valentine's Day, with not one thing planned.

Worry not, lazy Valentine's Day-ers, we have got you covered. With this Valentine's Day candy for cheaters recipe, you can make it seem as though you've been thinking about Valentine's Day since the start of the new year. Just quickly whip up a batch of these tonight -- in like, seriously 15 maybe 20 minutes -- and have something homemade and from the heart to give to your loved one tomorrow. And the best part? All you need is a microwave (or a stove, if you're more ambitious). With a gift as thoughtful as homemade candy, they will never suspect that you had completely forgotten about (or just been to lazy to bother with) this holiday.

Here's how it's done:

This is all you need to get started
Damon Dahlen
One bag of chocolate chips, one bag of butterscotch chips, a canister of chow mein noodles, wax paper and decorations of your choosing.
Combine both the chocolate chips and butterscotch chips
Damon Dahlen
Melt them in a double boiler, or, if you don't have one, melt them in a metal bowl on top of a pot with water. (Checkthis out for further instructions.) You can also melt the chocolate in a microwave, just be sure not to do so in a metal bowl.
Melt the chips together until they reach a smooth consistency, but before the chocolate starts to break apart
Damon Dahlen
Add the noodles and stir to combine
Damon Dahlen
You'll want to act quickly here so that the chocolate doesn't begin to harden as you're mixing it all together.
Using a spoon, drop clusters of the chocolate-covered noodles onto wax paper
Damon Dahlen
They should be about the size of a golf ball (in diameter, not height). This will be messy -- you will have chocolate all over your hands -- but just go with it.
Once you've made your clusters, decorate them.
Damon Dahlen
You'll want to do this before the chocolate cools and hardens so that your sprinkles (or edible hearts or edible lips) will stick. Then, carefully transport them to the freezer and let them sit for 5-10 minutes. Once they're hard enough to easily peel off the wax paper, your Valentine's Day candy for cheaters is ready for gifting.
Enjoy your beautiful handy work
Damon Dahlen
To gift these candies you can place them in a candy box, wrap them in a cellophane candy bag or even just give them on a plate. The person who receives these beauties will be happy no matter how you present them because you made them from scratch -- AND they taste amazing.

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