A Valentine's Day Bouquet Idea That's Inexpensive And Easy To DIY (PHOTOS)

Here's a great way to impress your valentine for under $20.

In just a couple of days, florist shops around the world will be bustling with customers looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day bouquet for their loved ones. But if you're not exactly thrilled about spending big bucks for blooms, we don't blame you. The price of roses skyrocket this time of year, and if you're ordering online, who knows if your gift will ever get to its destination.

That's why we've come up with a great way to use grocery store flowers we bought for just $17 (from Epicurean Deli in New York City) and turned them into an expensive-looking arrangement. And while we're completely loving the price tag for this Valentine's Day idea, we’re also pretty excited about the fact that it's more personal than anything you’d get from a professional.

Click through our slideshow to see how you can DIY your own floral arrangement. Want even more Valentine's Day ideas? Then check out our free printable decoration round-up as well as our latest DIY Valentine's Day gift idea. And, we'll be compiling our favorite Valentine's inspiration on Pinterest.

All photos by Raydene Salinas.

Step 1

DIY Flower Arrangement

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