The Most Beautiful Valentine's Day Cake Comes Topped With A Bouquet Of Candied Roses

All other cakes need not apply.

In the great, delicious history of cakes that have been baked, never has there ever been one so perfectly suited for Valentine's Day as this Crystalized White Rose Cake. Many cakes have tried to be the chosen dessert for this holiday. Some have come close, like the strawberry chocolate ice cream cake. But nothing says love quite like a rose-flavored cake topped with crystalized flowers.

For one, it's just so beautiful.

Photo credit: Butter and Brioche

And two, did we mention that it comes with a bouquet of roses on it that have been crystallized in sugar?

Photo credit: Butter and Brioche

This Valentine's Day, no other cakes need apply. Food blogger Butter and Brioche has made us all the ultimate Valentine's Day Cake. The three-layered vanilla cake is frosted with rose-flavored buttercream in beautiful pink ombre. Despite how beautiful it is, the cake is actually a simple one to make.

Bake one this Valentine's Day (with the recipe over here) to let that special someone know you care -- even if that special someone is you.

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