Valentine's Day Candy Banned By Horace Mann School In Massachusetts (VIDEO)

Lovebirds at Horace Mann School in Newton, Mass. might have to save their Valentines for after school, as the elementary school's principal has suggested handing out origami instead of sugary treats, My Fox Boston reports.

According to the report, the school's principal sent out a letter to parents asking them not to send candy with their children, as last year the overabundance of treats interfered with regular school day operations.

The letter also noted that Valentine's Day candy violates the school's food-sharing policy, as well as efforts to teach students healthy eating habits, WHDH TV reports.

Back in December, a Florida 10-year-old was arrested and charged with battery after allegedly attacking her teacher when the educator confiscated the student's halloween candy.

While the girl only reported that she merely threw a temper tantrum, the police report stated something different:

"Ms. Sanchez took the bag of candy back and put it up on a shelf, telling the defendant the candy would be given to her mother at the end of the day. The defendant then started throwing items from Ms. Sanchez' desk. At this time Ms. Sanchez called for assistance to remove the defendant from the class. While waiting for the requested assistance, Ms. Sanchez stated that she had put her arms up to block the defendant from going back behind her desk. The defendant then struck Sanchez in the stomach and side. She also stated that she would kill Ms. Sanchez and her family."