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Valentine's Day Chocolates: The Best And The Worst

For $10 more, get something you (and your loved one) actually want to eat.

Whether you're looking to buy chocolate for your sweetheart, or just want to indulge yourself on what can be such a cruel holiday, you shouldn't settle for subpar chocolate -- especially when there are so many good options out there. We've all been in the position where there just wasn't enough time to do any better than Russell Stover's, but with just a little forethought -- and maybe a few extra bucks -- you can find Valentine's day chocolates so good you won't want to give them away.

While anyone could spend a fortune and get chocolates that blow the pharmacy variety out of the water, we're not suggesting you break the bank for this holiday. If you shell out just $5 to $10 more, you'll find that your options are significantly better. Check out what chocolate we suggest is worth the money, and which you should never, ever consider.

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