Valentine's Day Crafts and Decor That You Can Complete in Under an Hour

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I'll admit-for a crafts-related blogger, I don't tend to decorate for a lot of the holidays. My mantle, for instance, hasn't changed since Christmas, and I'm okay with that. So when I do decorate, I like creative and simple crafts that don't take a lot of time. And if we're talking Valentine's Day crafts, I don't want anything overly cutesy or over-the-top that won't fit in with my everyday décor (unless my kids are involved, then I'll welcome it all into my home, cutesy and over-the-top included).

So today, I'm sharing some favorite Valentine's Day crafts & decor with a modern edge that you can complete in under an hour!

Hope you enjoyed these DIY Valentine's Day Crafts! I'd love to know: how do YOU like to decorate and craft for Valentine's Day? Leave a comment below!