13 Valentine's Day Gifts That Aren't Romantic At All (PHOTOS)

Valentine's Day is by far one of the most stressful holidays of the year for couples. Whether you're trying to pick out the perfect present, the perfect restaurant or the perfect bouquet of flowers, it's certainly not easy.

To make things even more complicated, companies rake in tons of cash marketing "romantic" and "sexy" products to the masses, trying to convince you to buy tacky, confusing or borderline offensive gifts. We mean come on: who's REALLY buying edible undies for Valentine's Day -- much less ones made out of meat?

While we don't feel qualified to tell you what to buy your special someone on V-Day, we are confident in telling you what NOT to buy. So with that in mind, we collected 13 of the most unromantic Valentine's Day gifts we could find online. Which ones are the worst? Vote and let us know!

Candy Underwear

Completely Unromantic Valentine's Day Gifts

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