Impress Your Valentine By Delivering Heart-Shaped Bagels To Their Doorstep

Ditch the box of chocolates and go for one of these delicious, delivery-friendly treats instead.
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Even though it seems like the rush of the holiday season just ended, Valentine’s Day is already right around the corner. But if you’re spending this day miles away from your loved ones, consider the festive occasion your chance to get creative.

If your sweetheart has a serious sweet tooth and the way to their heart is through desserts, don’t fret if you aren’t a pro when it comes to baking or they don’t live in close proximity. Thanks to modern technology and speedy delivery methods, you can have the baking experts do all the work without having to put on an apron.

Thanks to sites like Goldbelly, you can have tons of foods and desserts from local businesses and chains delivered to anyone nationwide. Scrumptious cakes, bagels, cookies, cupcakes, macarons and more can be sent right to your loved one’s doorstep.

Below, we rounded up some of the most gift-worthy treats to send to your far-flung giftee.

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We Take the Cake red rose chocolate cake
In case you missed the memo, real flowers are out and edible ones are in — at least when it comes to Valentine's Day, that is. This gorgeous 6-inch cake from Fort Lauderdale, Florida-based bakery We Take the Cake is decorated with vibrant red vanilla buttercream roses that are almost too cute to eat. Beneath the roses, they'll find four layers of mouthwatering chocolate cake and chocolate cream cheese frosting.
The Bagel Nook heart-shaped bagels
Your favorite bagel lover will definitely appreciate a dozen heart-shaped bagels from The Bagel Nook, a bagel shop located in Freehold, New Jersey, to munch on Feb. 14. The bagels come in a plain flavor, but their red hue will definitely make that everyday bacon, egg and cheese sandwich stand out. You even have the option of adding various cream cheese flavors like Oreo, birthday cake, maple bacon, Nutella, jalepeno cheddar, scallion and strawberry.
Chef Cat Cora heart-shaped rainbow cookies
Santa Barbara-based chef Cat Cora is the world's first woman Iron Chef on the Food Network's "Iron Chef America," and she also has you covered on the cutest Valentine's Day gift to send your friends: rainbow cookies with an affectionate twist. This box comes with 18 colorful, heart-shaped cookies that are just 1.5 inches and are topped with chocolate. The cookies arrive frozen, but after thawing in the fridge or at room temperature for two hours, they're ready to eat.
Brooklyn Blackout Company blackout cookie tin
New York City natives will instantly recognize these decadent cookies inspired by the famous blackout cake. Brooklyn Blackout Company is based in Brooklyn's Navy Yard, which was one of the United States's most important military shipyards during World War 2. During this era, an ultra-chocolate-y confection called the "Brooklyn Blackout cake" was created by Ebinger’s, a local German bakery chain, to honor the mandatory blackouts to protect the shipyard. Share history and confections by gifting your loved one these chewy, bite-size treats, made of rich, dark chocolate. The cookies comes in a set of 18 and arrive ready-to-eat, with no baking necessary.
Elle's Belles Bakery hot lips sugar cookies
Send them kisses in the form of sugar cookies with these unique Valentine's Day sweets from Elle's Belles Bakery, a Bozeman, Montana-based bakery. The 10 lip-shaped cookies arrive ready to eat in a cute gift box in a variety of designs, including gold sparkle, red lips, sprinkled lips and sugared lips.
Kossar's Bagels & Bialys heart-shaped "black and white" cookies
Another legendary New York dessert is the black and white cookie, which, like the name suggests, is a vanilla-flavored cookie with black (read: chocolate) and white icing on top. New York-based bialy bakery Kossar's Bagels & Bialys has a Valentine's Day take on the iconic cookie that is heart-shaped with a lemon-flavored base. Each box comes with 12 cookies total: three large cookies with the traditional chocolate and white icing and nine mini cookies with red and white icing.
Bouchon Bakery macarons box
Instantly transport them to a French bakery with this box of six macarons from Bouchon Bakery, a famed patisserie by legendary chef Thomas Keller. It features vanilla, chocolate, pistachio, raspberry, salted caramel and seasonal flavors. Light and crisp on the outside with a soft and fluffy buttercream or ganache interior, these fancy sandwich cookies make excellent gifts for your loved ones.
We Take The Cake bouquet cupcakes
Sure, you could send your long-distance sweetheart a bouquet of flowers, but cupcakes just sound way more fun — and yummy. This eight-cupcake box from We Take The Cake doubles as an edible floral bouquet, with buttercream frosting designed as petals and leaves. The box includes four chocolate cupcakes and four golden butter cupcakes and ships frozen with dry ice.
Emporium Pies Valenpie gift box
When in doubt, pie is always the answer, and Dallas-based pie shop Emporium Pies has just the right ones to give for Valentine's Day. Show your sweetie pie you care with this nine-piece box of mini heart-shaped pies in flavors like graham cracker and brownies, buttermilk and maple caramel, red velvet chess, buttermilk and Nutella chess and classic buttermilk. Each pie is two inches in diameter and dusted with edible glitter.
Gotta Have S'more Valentine's Day s'mores
Even if you can't enjoy warming up around a campfire with your long-distance pal, that doesn't mean they have to go without snacking on delicious s'mores. These cupcake-like s'mores from Los-Angeles based bakery Gotta Have S'more offer a fun twist on the timeless dessert. Each comes individually wrapped and includes flavors like salted caramel, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, cookies and cream, and seasonal flavors. Choose from one dozen, two dozen or three dozen.
Carousel Cakes Valentine's Day red velvet cake
Red velvet cake's signature color makes it the perfect Valentine's Day sweet to send to your loved ones. This 7-inch cake from Carousel Cakes, a New York-based family bakery, is filled with three layers of moist cake and two layers of cream cheese, topped with more cream cheese frosting and festive sprinkles.
Strawberry Hill Baking Co. strawberry cream cheese povitica
Kansas City-based bakery Strawberry Hill Baking Company began making povitica, a traditional Slovenian and Croatian pastry, in 1903. The buttery loaf features thin slices of dough rolled into an S-shape and comes in a variety of flavors, including strawberry cream cheese, which is perfect for Valentine's Day gifting.
A Goldbelly e-gift card
If your dessert of choice won't arrive on time because you waited until the last minute (it happens), you can always send your loved ones a Goldbelly e-gift card so they can pick out their own favorite treats. All you need is their email.
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