Valentine's Day Ideas: Adorable DIY Cards And Gifts

Tell your loved ones how you really feel.
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Valentine's day: You either love it or hate it. Many like the idea of Valentine's Day but hate the costs associated with it. It's easy to go over budget without realizing it. But, there are ways to give something special to your partner, friend or family member inexpensively, too.

With these DIY ideas, you'll be able to give gifts and cards to your loved ones at little to no cost.
The price tag isn't everything though; your thoughtful messages inside will show how much you care.

It also helps when your gifts are chic, too! You can opt for a simple card, which can be made without causing too many paper cuts. If you're a bit more daring you can decorate gift bags and fill them with something special. In one of the examples below, printed bags are filled with tasty, homemade granola.

Whatever you decide to do should be fairly quick, cost effective, and should not cause you a ton of frustration! Take a look at these DIY Valentines cards and gift ideas that are sure to impress
your loved ones in the slideshow below.

Pretty Paper Sacks


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