8 Undeniable Perks Of Being Single On Valentine's Day

Spending Valentine's Day alone this year? Have no fear, single peeps. The holiday is so much more enjoyable when you're all by your lonesome. Below, eight things you can do on the quasi-holiday that your couple friends can't.

1. Treat yourself. Not having to spend an exorbitant amount of money on a heart-shaped necklace means one thing: you can shell out on yourself this year. (3D printing pen, be mine.)

2. Capitalize on discounted Valentine's Day candy the day after -- and relish the fact that you won't have to share it with anyone.

3. Avoid fancy restaurants like the plague. Who wants to wait 45 minutes to secure a table somewhere when you can pick up a baby-sized burrito at Chipotle in a matter of minutes? Answer: No one.

4. Ditch the cheesy lingerie and Hershey's Kisses-covered boxers. You're wearing your best tighty whities and flannel set tonight.

5. Have a movie marathon featuring your imaginary celebrity boyfriend or girlfriend. (Because really, who needs a man when Paul Newman movies are on Netflix Instant?)

6. Look at all the money that's still in your wallet. The average American spends about $133.91 on Valentine's Day. Not having a date is money in the bank.

7. Do something your significant other would have frowned upon back in the day: play Skyrim until ungodly hours of the morning or enjoy a "Law & Order: SVU" marathon with your cat -- the world is your oyster!

8. And if you really do start pining for a relationship, head to the bar. Anyone you encounter there by themselves is almost guaranteed to be single. Win!

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