A Brief Field Guide To Cute Kid Valentines (PHOTOS)

LOOK: Hilarious Valentines From Kids

There are holidays, and then there are Cute Kid Note holidays. The latter category -- occasions like Christmas, Hanukkah and the New Year -- inspire children of all ages (and varying degrees of eloquence) to voice their questions, clarify their expectations and map out the road before them.

Luckily for the Internet, Valentine's Day is just such a holiday. Behold, 13 specimens from the noble breed of Valentines From Kids.

The Compliment...?
From: Tyler, age 7
To: Mom

valentines from kids

From: Evan, age 7
To: Mommy and daddy

valentines from kids

The Spelling Explosion
From: Nicolas, age 7
To: Mom

(Translation: "I appreciate you because you are a good mom.")
valentines from kids

The Potty Training Special
From: Bella, age 5
To: Her little brother

valentines from kids

The Force Is Strong With This One
From: Secret admirer
To: Miss Johnson

The Thanks-For-Clarifying
From: Reece, age 8
To: Mom

valentines from kids

The Watch Your Back
From: [Illegible]
To: Mom and Dad

The WHAT Now?!
From: Secret admirer
To: Unknown

The William Tell
From: Nicholas, age 6
To: Mom

valentines from kids

The Unfortunately Spaced Salutation
Author: Henry, age 6
To: Mrs. Schell (Henry's teacher)

valentines from kids 1

The Classic
From: Secret admirer
To: Mom

The Classic, Translated For Modern Times
From: Hanna, age 8
To: Mommy

cute kid valentine

The Awww
From: Phoenix, age 6
To: Phoenix's "girlfriend," Madison

valenties from kids

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