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New Images of Street Art for Valentines Day

If Street Art reflects society back to itself, and we contend that it does, then we must be in love. Among the myriad sentiments you'll find on the street are those that are politically angry, socially strident, or comically sarcastic. Additionally we often find emotional expressions on the street that are positively loving, or lustful. Whether a sign of attainment or of aspiration, these amorous interludes let us know that feelings of longing for another are universal.

2012-02-12-brooklynstreetartaikojaimerojo0212web500pxls.jpg Street Artist AIKO with a stencil based on a photo by Martha Cooper (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Happy Valentine's Day to you with love from the street. Vote for your favorite and tell us why you like it.

Valentines on the Street from BSA

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