Valentino's Madonna Music Angers His Gstaad Neighbors: REPORT

"They were playing dance music all night, and a lot of Madonna songs."

This must be in the by-laws of the unofficial Fashion Designer Retirement Handbook: one may listen to Madonna at whatever volume one sees fit. Right?

Apparently not. 80-year-old Valentino was blasting Madonna tunes from his ski chalet in Gstaad when the neighbors complained, reports the New York Post. "A number of residents complained to the police as it was echoing around the mountain," a source tells the Post, "and one officer went to speak to someone at the gate of Valentino’s chalet."

Come between a fabulous designer and his Madonna? No way. The Post adds that the music kept playing as Valentino and his entourage, which included Madonna, her daughter Lourdes, Anne Hathaway and Anne's hubby Adam Shulman, partied on. (Earlier, Anne had joined the Italian designer on a shopping trip and smooched her way through the quaint Swiss town with Shulman.)

Whether or not this little vignette is true, it's making us very happy. Party on, Valentino. At 80 years old, you've earned it. Read more at

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