Valentino Musical In The Works, Says The Designer

Valentino Heading To Broadway?

We don't know Italian, but luckily several fashion folks who do have translated bits and pieces from an interview in Italy's La Repubblica with legendary designer Valentino.

The now-retired designer opened up about a variety of topics, including his portrayal in the documentary "Valentino: The Last Emperor" in 2009.

Valentino told the newspaper that he was less than pleased with how he appeared on screen -- "I came across as a despot," he said -- but that he might get a chance to do it all over: there may be a live Valentino show in the works.

According to the Telegraph, the designer told La Repubblica, "We're looking at the possibility of taking my story to Broadway, as a musical."

For realz, Valentino?? Now that we would go see. Considering the glamour and fanfare with which Valentino bid "adieu" -- er, "ciao" to fashion, a full-on Valentino stage production would be quite the glittering spectacle. We're picturing lots of sparkles, lots of red dresses and lots of tanner.

The only thing that's a definite "no" is calling it "Valentino: The Musical." That name's already taken.

We're already getting excited. Read more at the or, if you're feeling confident about your Italian skills, head to to read the full interview.

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