Valentino On Paris Hilton: “She Is Vulgar And She Is Not Even Pretty…The Hiltons. They Have Nothing”…

In this week's New Yorker, Michael Specter profiles Valentino. In the profile, Valentino says, “Fashion is not so complex. It is about making a woman beautiful. That and nothing else.... The style today, the fashion, I don’t always understand it. Take Galliano. He is a great artist. He can create the biggest fantasy in the world. But to wear those clothes in the street? I don’t think so. Sometimes we forget: the lady makes the dress.... I love a woman who eats food, who has a body, that is a woman and not a stick.” Specter writes that Valentino has been obsessed with glamour from the time he was a teen-ager, observing that his voice still drifts up an octave when he mentions Jacqueline Kennedy: “Jackie, walking in Central Park with little pants, big scarf, and a raincoat? All by Valentino! It was sensational.” When asked by Specter why dressing celebrated people matters so much to him, he replies, “Who should I dress? Girls in streep malls?”

However, Specter adds, “There are limits even to Valentino’s love of celebrity.” When asked if he would like to design Paris Hilton’s wedding dress, Valentino shudders and replies, “No. I don’t like her. She is marrying the son of a friend of mine. They have billions. She is vulgar and she is not even pretty.... The Hiltons. They have nothing.”