Valentine's Day, the Universal Phenomenon

Throughout the history of language, words have taken on new and expanded meanings; Valentine's Day is no exception.
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Throughout the history of language, words have taken on new and expanded meanings; Valentine's Day is no exception.

From an exclusive meaningful rendezvous between two lovers, the Valentine's Day will morph into an all inclusive romantic day. It will become a universal affection day within a decade.

Valentines Day is a universal expression of affection between two individuals. Love has no bounds; it is between two people in love, husband and wife, mother and son, father daughter, brother sister, brothers, sisters, friends, uncles, aunties, Grandpa and Grandma and any one you care about.

Please feel free to say happy valentine to your sister, mother, brother, daughter, dad, uncle or a friend. It is a much bigger word now than it started out to be. Take them out for dinner and send them flowers to let them know that you care if you are the only one for them at this point in life.

While we Americans express it by presenting red roses to our loved ones, the Filipinos will break another record; the number of people kissing at the same time, Brazil will have another major festival on her beaches celebrating love. You are welcome to share other such expressions.

On the other side of the world, a few frustrated ones with life go to the other end. The right wingers among orthodox Muslims, Hindus and perhaps Jews will start giving religious tones to it instead of going to their place of worship and seeking God's love.

Sadly, some of you are going to feel lonely, if you miss the love in your life; you have an opportunity to fulfill it. There is plenty in you that you can give by feeding the homeless, visiting lonely patients in the hospitals or nursing homes, disadvantage women and children, our veterans... share whatever little you have with them including the time and just listening to them. When a homeless person asks, give whatever you can, that is the most affectionate thing to do, you will enrich yourselves far greater by sharing.

Whenever the word affection comes to mind, I picture my dad and recall the way he called out my Mother's name Khairun, it was romantic and filled with affection and I have always enjoyed the sound of it, it was simply soothing to hear.

I've become conscious of my own voice when I am talking with my wife Yasmeen; it gets enriched with that affection. Indeed, the affection is like a rainbow and takes different colors, but it is the same when I address my daughter Jasmina, my niece Tamanna and my sister Dilshad, and now my voice is uploading itself with that affection for Maheen; Yasmeen's daughter. The same goes with my son Jeff and daughter-in-law Fern and my father like figures Everett Blauvelt and DD Maini.

I dedicate these three songs to Yasmeen, my dear wife. It was our love for Urdu poetry that opened the doors for each other.

Kenny Roger's, you decorated my life: I particularly like the line which says, there is no rhyme or reason that is what love is all about.

Ronnie Milsap's, what a difference you made in my life,

Muhammad Rafi's ai Husn Zara Jaag in Urdu/ Hindi,

and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan's, aap say mil kay in Urdu/Hindi

My expressions would be incomplete without honoring the poet of love, Mirza Ghalib, one of the greatest romantic poets of all time who composed his poetry in Urdu/Hindi and Farsi.

Ishk per zor nahin, hai a o aatish ghalibKe lagaye na lege, bujhaye no bujhe.

Affection is that flame O Ghalib,you cannot light it up or extinguish it, it just happens.

Happy Valentine's Day.

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