Activist Puts Two Vampire Bats In His Mouth ... Because?

Tastes like chicken?

As consciousness-raising videos go, this one's pretty batty.

Environmental activist Arteval Duarte is protesting the deforestation of the Amazon by filming himself putting two vampire bats in his mouth.

The video, filmed in March, shows Duartein Jacunda, Brazil, calmly putting the bats into his mouth one at a time. 

Then he closes his mouth around the flying mammals making sure not to bite one in half. 

A few seconds later, he opens his mouth to set them free. One bat immediately takes him up on the offer.

The other decides to hang out for a while on Duarte's chin.

Although vampire bats feed on blood, they are more likely to go for horses and cattle than humans, according to National Geographic.

As for Duarte, he definitely feeds on publicity.

His previous stunts to raise awareness of environmental issues include being put in a wooden box that was set on fire and placing snakes in his mouth, according to



Vampire Bats