Vampire Bounty Offered By Politicians In India

Politicians Place $2,000 Bounty On Vampires

Some Indian politicians are putting their money where their mouth is by daring local residents to produce a vampire corpse.

The Deccan Chronicle reports that villagers in Dharmapuri believe their cattle are being killed by vampires. Politicians, hoping to quell fears, have offered to pay anyone who brings in a dead vampire a cash reward.

"It is a big hoax," O. Jayaraman, who announced the reward, told the paper. "Anti-socials whose illegal night activities such as bootlegging and liquor brewing have been disturbed are spreading rumors and killing cattle.”

i09 reports that the reward is equivalent to just under $2,000.

But the site wonders if the bounties could end up backfiring on the politicians:

If the state of Washington implemented a equally entrepreneurial approach to Bigfoot, the newly minted Office of Sasquatch Affairs would immediately be inundated with a century's worth of shaky footage of pine trees and magic trumpets.

It should be noted that not all politicians are so dismissive of the existence of vampires. And at least one aspiring politico is pro-vampire.

In 2010, CBS reported that Jonathon "The Impaler" Sharkey ran a little-known campaign to become America's first vampire president.

As for presumed Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, he's firmly anti-vampire, according to Washington Monthly.

President Obama, meanwhile, at least in one filmmaker's view, is capable of becoming a vampire hunter.

Photo credit: Flickr: Carniphage

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