'The Vampire Diaires': Elena Learns The Truth About Stefan, Who Isn't Where He Was (VIDEO)

Elena finally learned the truth about Stefan on "The Vampire Diaries." And in the closing moments of the episode, the safe Silas trapped Stefan in turned up. It wasn't in the quarry where Silas had put it, and its contents weren't what Damon expected to find.

“Stefan’s been in there for three months. Chances are he’s hungry," Liz said. That's why she didn't want to be the one to open it.

Damon opened the safe, but instead of finding Stefan, they found a drained body. "Well you’re right, he was hungry," Damon said. "I bet he still is.”

Hollywood Life's Andy Swift thought that this will only lead to trouble. "A hungry Stefan on the loose in Mystic Falls?" he wrote. "I can’t imagine anything going wrong. Not at all.” Over at Entertainment Weekly, Mandi Bierly has a theory as to what happened. "Silas knows he has a better chance of catching Katherine if Damon and Elena are preoccupied trying to find human blood-drinking Stefan, so he let Stefan out," she speculated. "As the promo for next week told us, ‘For three months he starved. Now the ripper is back.’ THE RIPPER IS BACK! So. Great.”

Things are going to get messy on "The Vampire Diaries," Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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