Vampire Valentines Ideas


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Valentine's Day (VDay) is a perfect vampire holiday, after Halloween of course, be it for singles, lovers or even your entire coven. With the vampires of the Sabretooth Clan (my personal fang clients), Valentine's Day is known as the "Crimson Festival", which is a celebration of loves past, present and future.

For vampires, everything is often a ceremony. So here are some rituals in the vampire theme which will inspire a romantic VNight!

Don't forget to always get a bottle of your favorite Vampire Wine or absinthe. Of course masks, costume, fangs, ritual, ceremony and a little roleplaying will let your inner vampire run wild.

So we shall begin...

1. Fangs for Lovers - Find your local fangsmith and go get a pair of custom-made fangs together or bring your lover on a surprise to get your fangs.

2016-02-10-1455084031-7818602-11159986_10153965554049848_2151336880646106797_n.jpg Photo: Lea Comtessa Model: Sabi Sabretooth

2. The Valentines Vampire Ball - Make matching costumes and masks such as the Endless Night Valentines Vampire Ball. If you cannot do the ball, find a Midnight Dance class or find a local classical event which has waltzing or a classical dance, then get dressed up with matching masks and costumes and make your own.

3. The Midnight Picnic - Find a local graveyard, make a picnic and take a dance in a mausoleum if you can do it without breaking the law. Play a game finding graves with your name, leave the deceased flowers and take an etching kit to record their names.

4. Takes Two Vampires... - Take a dance class together, especially the tango which is most vampiric. Tango is a very sexual, primal, aggressive and powerful dance. Think of Gomez and Morticia from the Adams family.

5. The Bloody Bath - Take a bath together. Fill it with rose peddles, fake blood, candles and get your fangs and amazing Victorian jewelry on. Even add a top hat for the gents or veil for the ladies. Play classical music, get your glasses high and toast to love.

6. The Dorian Gray - Get a portrait painted, sketched or get a vintage photograph done in costume of a bygone era. This is a great souvenir.

7. 50 Shades of Red - Create a sensual and erotic BDSM roleplay together. Think red satin restraints, velvet, red candle wax, red lingerie and red satin sheets if you are not using a coffin. Look up some roleplay scenarios and modify them with the vampire theme.

8. Taste of Red - Go to a wine tasting. If you are in LA, visit the Vampire Wine Tasting Room. Many vampires often gather there for Vday. Or alternatively, get some strawberries and champaign and create a private parlor and get in costume.

9. Tight Lacing - Many corset makers often host romantic corset lacing classes around Vday. Corseting is often a very intimate experience and is has slight hints of bondage and can be done by a couple or even a single.

10. Flight of the Vampire - Go to Vegas and take the zip-line. Make sure to bring your cape and fly over the Sin City in an undead style. Then go out for drinks and dancing at VAMP, a local vampire themed club and restaurant.

11. Exchange of Life - Go to one of the many online shops which make blood vials and perform a blood exchange ceremony, gifting each other the most intimate part of yourself. WARNING: BE SAFE. It is absolutely important to be tubehearts2careful with this.

12. Poetry Sessions - Write or read poetry for your lover and exchange vows of love. Make sure it is classy, sexy, hot and romantic as possible.

13. Go on the Hunt - Go out hunting together and socialize dressed as vampires to a local nightclub. Bare your fangs and if you are feeling frisky bring your prey home.

14. Vampire Tattoos - Go out and get matching bite marks on your necks or one of your favorite vampire characters. Just make sure you don't get a tattoo of each other's names, which is seriously bad luck for lovers.

15. The Gift of Blood - Donate blood as a single or couple. Since we vampires know how precious blood is, this celebrates and promotes life for others. Look up the American Red Cross.

16. The Vampire Ritual - Make an altar to yourself or your beloved and write a script. Honoring immortality, mystery, love and blood into a theatre piece. This should be done in a Shakespearean style.

17. Vampire Movie Night - Get a bunch of your favorite romantic vampire movies of love and seduction, stay home and be alone. Good examples are Bram Stokers Dracula (1992), The Hunger (1983), Interview with a Vampire (1994), Queen of the Damned (2002) and Only Lovers Left Alive (2013).

18. 28 Hours of Night Hotel - Spend a night in one of the many "Night Hotels" in New York. Enjoy 28 hours of night, completely ignoring one entire day and be romantic like a vampire.


Whether you live the vampire lifestyle or want to have an interesting Valentine's Day, make sure you are safe, sane and consensual and have a great sense of humor, whether you spend Valentine's night alone, with friends or your beloved.

A special thank you to our cover models Darren Powell and Haley Exile of London Vampire Magazine for the romantic photo by Medusa Gorgona Photography.

Thank you for the countless suggestions and ideas from my fan base for this article.

As always, rock & roll and thank you for reading...