'The Vampire Woman' Is The 'Most Modified' Female In The World On 'Taboo' (VIDEO)

'The Vampire Woman' AKA The World's 'Most Modified' Female

She's been nicknamed The Vampire Woman, but there was a time when Maria Jose Cristerna was simply known as a lawyer. She's also been dubbed the world's "most modified" female, and it was certainly easy to see why when "Taboo" showed her story. Now 35-years old, Cristerna has tattooed nearly 100% of her body, has implanted multiple horns into her head, has embedded implants on her chest and arms, and even implanted teeth to give herself vampiric fangs.

Cristerna admitted to The Sun that she was in an abusive relationship, and that "tattoos were a form of liberation from me." She was married at 17 and has trained as a lawyer, but she gave all of that up as she reinvented her physical appearance.

Now, Cristerna is a mother of four who says she lives a "normal life," while running a tattoo shop. "The strongest criticism that I’ve gotten is that I’m incapable of taking care of my children," she said on the show, though there's no clear reason to associate her aesthetic choices with her parenting skills.

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