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Vampires Among Us or Are We Entering the Twilight Zone?

As a writer and an intern with Folio Literary Agency, I see way too many manuscripts with rip-off vampire-esque tales. Can we, as a human race, please obsess about something else?
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Typically I'm not the type to poke fun at any one person among the crowd. Instead I like to poke fun at the entire crowd or "type" of people making fools of themselves at once. I am not a terrible person, just someone who needs more therapy to deal with the current pop culture craze. Also, I must preface this post with the words, "I'm not a fan of the whole Vampire thingee." Admittedly I was all Lost Boys crazed when I was a CHILD. But, that wave of love for canine-teeth-challenged individuals passed when I hit actual puberty. Now, I just have no patience at all for this pandemic of idiocy.

Yes, I know a new movie is coming out.


Yes, when I went to eat at the King of Burgers, I realized that the disease was spreading at a more rapid rate than originally thought and I considered calling my therapist when I broke out into a cold sweat.

Maybe it was the sad sight of little pre-pubescent girlies wearing Edward crowns atop their once innocent heads made me vomit. But then again, I'm just a jaded writer who has only seen a modicum of success compared to the queen of trendy YA craze vampire mania. Yes I am jealous. Who wouldn't be? But this isn't about me. At all.

As a writer and as an intern with Folio Literary Agency to become one of those sharkster lit. agents, I see WAY too many manuscripts with rip-off vampire-esque tales. Can we, as a human race, PLEASE obsess about something else? Oil spills, homelessness, hunger, anger levels of writers everywhere ... there are many more productive ways to be obsessive. This is getting out of hand and I fear it is starting to affect people in a negative way.

Case-in-point: I live in a mid-size town known as Colorado Springs. You may have heard of us because of that Focus on the Family thing. We're a pretty cool town despite Focus and there's lots to see and do. But apparently the altitude and the latest craze has really gotten to some of the locals in the nearby town of Fruita.

According to News Channel 13 KRDO in Colorado Springs there was an accident involving an SUV that was blamed on a vampire. Of course, there was no evidence to suggest that this is real, but then again, according to the latest books, vampires are smarter than us and way more savvy when it comes to covering their tracks. can decide for yourself, was there a vampire to blame?

Vampire Blamed For SUV Accident
Woman Says She Backed Car In Ditch To Escape Vampire
POSTED: 8:15 am MDT June 30, 2010

UPDATED: 8:40 am MDT June 30, 2010

FRUITA, Colo. --
A Colorado woman claims the sight of a vampire spooked her into backing her sport utility vehicle into a ditch.

According to the Colorado State Patrol, the Fruita woman was driving down an unlit dirt road late Sunday, when she put her SUV in reverse and backed it into a canal.

She told first responders she put the car in reverse because a vampire was chasing her.

The woman was not injured in the crash. Troopers do not think drugs or alcohol were a factor, but said the woman may not have taken certain medications that day.

They added they found no evidence of a vampire.

No evidence ... Did anyone bother to check the woman's neck? Or her iron levels? Did someone even consider that something or someone was coming after her so she can carry his unborn child? Maybe we should give more credit to the vampire lovin' folks. Or maybe we should just begin to think rationally, like most adults try to on any given day, and see this trend for what it really is ... a fun romp through fiction that will pass, hopefully, with time.

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