Vampires and Immortality

Vampires and Immortality
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The modern vampire mythos has at its core the concept of immortality from Bram Stoker’s cursed Dracula to the angelic vampires of Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles. What I know of many of the vampires, particularly in the vampire community and especially within the Sabretooth Clan they possess such a love and have a passion for life they actively think about the Quest of Immortality. Yet not through esoteric or spiritual means but through science and forthcoming technology. Many Vampires today are apart of the anti-aging movement.

This love of life is on such a level that many are on a quest to conquer death and live beyond the normal limitations of the human lifespan currently available. How is this possible? Aren’t there questions about the ethics of overpopulation, aging, disease or how this is not natural? The living vampires sees the opposite, they think from a perspective of self-preservation with a deep rooted love for life. They seek to enjoy the benefits of longevity and vitality which modern and future science has begun to unlock in ways never even imagined before or even thought to be possible.

Unlocking the secrets of Immortality is to look not just to longevity but also to vitality in health and spirit as We age. It is said by many researchers that people in their 60s are more content and happy than at any other point in their lives. Physical immortality is not currently available as of this writing, but transhumanism, the system of evolving beyond human limits through biotechnologies, nanotechnology, life extension, bionics and merging with machines increases the potential for immortality with every advancement made.

Currently, steps to longevity and vitality include reducing risks to personal life, quitting smoking, increasing health through a well thought out exercise plan, sports, a quality diet and education on life extension technologies. Many Vampires and immortalists see aging as a disease which is to be cured. Visionary immortalists such as Aubrey De Grey from the UK, organizations such as the Life Extension Foundation and the Immortalist Society are at the forefront of bringing the vision of immortality into reality. Of course simply living in a healthy way with drugs and alcohol in moderation teamed up with a good regiment of quality food and exercise can go a long way in increasing vitality and life extension. The vampire virtue of Immortality is in league with these visions.

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