Van Gogh Crop Circle Unfortunately Not Made By Aliens

The M. Night Shyamalan twist is that landscape artists are a thing.

Congratulations, people who fly into Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport! A recently completed, Vincent van Gogh-themed crop circle in Eagan, Minnesota, has provided a delightful upgrade to the standard Instagram of a plane wing.

The Minneapolis Institute of Art commissioned landscape artist and painter Stan Herd to create an earthen likeness of van Gogh's "Olive Trees" (1889), which is now on display at MIA. Planting pumpkins, squash and watermelon, Herd sculpted his 1.5-acre version of the painting in honor of the 125th anniversary of the artist's death.

"The amazing thing about van Gogh's painting is that there's not a single straight line in the whole canvas," said Herd in a video produced by the museum to accompany his work. "Everything is organic and curved and flowing, and it's like a pulse. I'm just amazed that after months of looking at one painting, that I continued to discover things in it."

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