Van Jones Explains Why Some Barack Obama Voters Turned To Donald Trump

"They felt left out."

Van Jones has revealed what he believes is the key reason for some two-time voters of President Barack Obama backing Donald Trump in the 2016 election.

“Because they felt left out,” the CNN analyst told “Late Night” host Seth Meyers on Monday.

“Listen, were there some voters who really loved all the inflammatory, racial stuff that Trump said? Yes, they were out there and voted.”

But Jones then referenced a white Ohio union family he met while filming his CNN special “The Messy Truth,” who he said had turned away from the Democratic Party for the first time because it felt “nobody cared” about them.

“They didn’t feel that the [Hillary] Clinton campaign really was speaking to them,” Jones said.

“They had three, I think, factories close in their county in the middle of the campaign. Trump went to that county, Clinton never went. And so they felt like, ‘You know what, nobody cares about us. We don’t like that stuff, but we gotta vote for our jobs.’”

Jones also shared his views on whether Democrats were doing a good enough job in finding fault in their own efforts that resulted in losing the election, rather than blaming external issues such as the reported Russian interference.

They hadn’t, he concluded.

“She was running against an orange nightmare,” he said of Clinton. “She should have won 50 states.”

Check out the full interview above.