Van Jones Asks Ted Cruz About Obamacare: 'Are You Going To Acknowledge That You Were On The Wrong Side?' (VIDEO)

Former White House adviser Van Jones grilled Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) about his battle against Obamacare on Thursday night during CNN's "Crossfire."

Cruz's campaign to defund the Affordable Care Act helped drive the government shutdown, and has led even members of his own party to criticize his actions.

Despite glitches when the health insurance exchanges opened last week, the program has started to tackle its aim of helping the nearly 50 million Americans who lack health insurance.

"You're demagoguing the problems with the rollout," Jones told Cruz. "In a couple of years, when this thing is a standard part of our country, when insurance companies can no longer dump people, can no longer deny people, are you going to acknowledge that you were on the wrong side of this thing?"

Cruz refused to answer the question, instead arguing that there were "millions of Americans hurting because of Obamacare," including single mothers.

But Jones countered that claim by citing the large number of people living in Cruz's own state without health insurance, including single mothers with pre-existing conditions.

"And if it were up to you, those single moms would be staying up at night with no hope and no help for them or for their children," Jones said, "You have yet to put on the table anything that you would do about that."