Van Jones: Trump's Budget 'Drops A Bomb Financially' On His Own Supporters

“Today was a crazy day, even by Trump’s crazy standards."

CNN’s Van Jones had some blunt words Thursday night for President Donald Trump’s voters: Your guy is screwing you.

Jones was talking about the proposed budget the president unveiled earlier in the day ― a spending plan that targets the elderly and the poor, in part by eliminating a $35 million affordable housing program and government funding for Meals on Wheels. The budget also makes it clear that U.S. taxpayers will be footing the bill to construct a border wall, not Mexico, as Trump routinely promised throughout his campaign.

“Today was a crazy day, even by Trump’s crazy standards,” Jones said. “We got our first look at the Trump budget, which basically drops a bomb financially and economically on Trump’s own supporters.”

Pointing to the president’s budget and health care proposals, Jones added, “The messy truth for Donald Trump’s voters is that Donald Trump has already been captured and coopted by the very same D.C. insiders that he ran against.”

Watch the full segment in the video below.

Following Trump’s speech last month before a joint session of Congress, Jones praised the former businessman for providing an “extraordinary moment” in American politics and “becoming president” that night. Other pundits also lauded Trump’s performance.

Two days later, Trump was back to his old self, unleashing tweets accusing former President Barack Obama of wiretapping his Trump Tower phones during the campaign. Congressional intelligence committee leaders said this week the president’s allegation appears unfounded.