Couple To Change Last Names To Van Squigglebottoms For $1 Million In Poverty Relief Donations (VIDEO)

May we introduce the potential Mr. and Ms. Van Squigglebottoms?

Jessica and Jeff pledge to legally change their last name to Van Squigglebottoms if they can raise $1 million for poverty relief.

"If we're going to do this, it might as well be to something totally kooky and absurd," Jessica told The Huffington Post.

The two set a deadline of Dec. 31 to collect the million bucks for the Oxfam America charity, detailing their plan in a fun new video.

Jessica, a lawyer, and Jeff, a software developer, won't reveal their current respective last names until donations reach $500,000. But Jessica said their names, while sometimes difficult to spell, are more conventional than Van Squigglebottoms.

The Washington, D.C., couple, both 35 and married for nine years, has often discussed having the same last name and began calling each other Van Squigglebottoms in jest, Jessica explained to HuffPost. The name always made them laugh, she said, so why not turn wackiness into philanthropy?

"We think that it's absurd people are living in poverty," she said.

If would-be benefactors are not convinced that they'll follow through on the name change, Jessica assured HuffPost: "We're not gonna chicken out. This is permanent, legal -- there's no loophole."



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