Van Wanggaard, Republican Wisconsin State Senator, Drops Recount Appeal

Wisconsin state Sen. Van Wanggaard dropped his appeal for a recount Tuesday, meaning that Democrat John Lehman's victory in a June 5 recall election will stand.

Lehman had a lead of 834 votes in the June 5 election, and the recount completed on July 2 narrowed his lead slightly to 819 votes.

Though the Wisconsin recall election was otherwise disastrous for Democrats, with Republican Gov. Scott Walker (R) getting a huge victory, Lehman's win means that control of the Wisconsin Senate has swung to the Democrats. But the state Senate isn't scheduled to meet before November, when 16 of its 33 seats are up for election, unless the GOP-controlled Assembly consents or Walker calls it back to session.

"Unfortunately, I only have 5 days from the end of the recount to develop a case to challenge the count of the election. This is not enough time to fully investigate the mountains of evidence and answer the questions that have arisen," Wanggaard said in a statement Tuesday. "Despite pleas from around the state to challenge the election, it is not in the best interests of Racine, or Wisconsin, at this time. Now is the time to focus on gaining the state senate back in November, winning Wisconsin’s U.S. Senate seat, and electing Governor Romney as President."



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