Vancouver Riots 2011: Fires Rage As Canucks Lose Stanley Cup (VIDEO)

The worst nightmare for Vancouver is coming true.

Not only did the city's beloved Canucks lose in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup final, it was shut out 4-0. Now a scene reminiscent of 1994 has emerged, when the city rioted under similar circumstances, with random fires, flipped cars, pole climbing, and riot police. (Scroll down for video.)

Beer bottles were tossed at giant TV screens in the game's dying moments, cars and garbage cans were set fire, and fistfights broke out, per the Canadian Press. Flash bombs were used to try to disperse the angry crowd, CBC reports.

Most reports and eyewitnesses, however, say the trouble has been caused by a small segment of fans. "I think it was a few people ... Everybody else is watching, some are cheering," said one eyewitness.

Here's one incredible image from the scene and you can find more here. You can also watch raw video footage of the downtown Vancouver riots below, and ABC has a live video feed.