Vanderlei Luxemburgo Claims Ronaldo Wore Diapers During 1999 Copa America Tournament

Former Brazil Manager Tells Embarrassing Story About Soccer Legend

Former Brazil and Real Madrid manager Vanderlei Luxemburgo told an embarrassing story over the weekend about his former player Ronaldo, who announced his retirement from soccer last week.

According to the New York Daily News, Luxemburgo claimed that Ronaldo wore adult diapers during the 1999 Copa America tournament:

It appears the diet pills the "Phenomenon" was taking at the time to control his burgeoning weight problems had some really, really unpleasant side effects.

Luxemburgo reportedly said that the two "explored every possible way" of getting Ronaldo to lose weight.

"The [team] doctor gave him medicine, Xenical, which was effective, but it also accelerated his bowel movements," Luxemburgo said. "So, in order to avoid any 'incidents,' the player had to wear diapers, which embarrassed him."

The soccer star still managed to score five goals and led La Selecao to its sixth Copa America title. He also won the Golden Boot with teammate Rivaldo.

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