How Peyote Inspired Vanessa Carlton's New Album, 'Liberman'

An intensely joyful trip led to beautiful, dream-like music.

Songstress Vanessa Carlton is back with a new album, "Liberman," and she told HuffPost Live on Wednesday that the new music stemmed from some mind-altering inspiration.

"I had some psychedelic experiences for sure that definitely, in my opinion, changed the way I felt about joy," Carlton said. "I mean, I'm not talking about crazy stuff, but I did eat peyote on the beach in Mexico with my friend, and that was the beginning of this real sense of peace in my life. ... I think the inspiration behind the concept of the album is wanting to recreate that peace and wanting the music to feel like a dream and to feel like a break from reality."

Watch Carlton describe her peyote experience and its influence on her work above, and click here to see her full HuffPost Live conversation.

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