Vanessa Hudgens Credits French Food With Helping Her Gain Weight For 'Gimme Shelter'

Vanessa Hudgens is doing everything she can to strip off her squeaky-clean Disney image. For her latest role in "Gimme Shelter," she gained weight in order to fully capture her character of a homeless, pregnant teen.

vanessa hudgens

Hudgens tells People that she worked on gaining weight for the role while at Cannes, saying that putting on the pounds was easy when she had so much access to croissants. "It's not hard to put on weight in France when you're eating all the good French food," she said. "It was the easiest and most amazing thing ever."

Hudgens put on 10-15 pounds for the role.

vanessa hudgens

Hudgens isn't the only star who has made waistline sacrifices for a role. Rob McElhenney gained over 50 pounds to spice up his character Mac on "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia," while George Clooney and Charlize Theron both won Oscars for their respective roles in "Syriana" and "Monster," for which they each gained 30 pounds. Jared Leto put on more than 65 pounds to play Mark David Chapman in "Chapter 27."

Hudgens has since lost the weight that she gained for her "Gimme Shelter" role. She told Beauty World News that taking off the pounds was more difficult than putting them on, but that she managed to get back to her usual size with plenty of cardio and yoga.



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