Vanessa Hudgens' '$$$ex': 'Spring Breakers' Star Set To Release Raunchy New Single

Vanessa Hudgens may be taking that whole "spring break forever" mantra from "Spring Breakers" to heart. The actress, who plays Candy in Harmony Korine's new film, released "$$$ex," a new single that she calls "a bomb-ass song." According to Hudgens, the track goes "perfectly" with "Spring Breakers."

E! Online broke the news of Hudgens return to music. The actress last released an album in 2008, but rose to fame on the back of the Disney Channel franchise "High School Musical." She's left that image behind in a big way here in 2013: Her "Spring Breakers" character does copious amounts of drugs and engages in a threesome; her new song includes lyrics about keeping a man with a "condom in his wallet" up all night. Listen to Hudgens' "$$$ex" above.

Despite her edgy exterior, however, Hudgens has said filming "Spring Breakers" was difficult -- particularly that aforementioned sex scene between her, Ashley Benson and James Franco.

"The thing I was most scared of was the sex scene and the nudity issue behind all of it," Hudgens told MTV. "Because I was not down to show this [gestures to chest]."

Her fears were sated by director Harmony Korine, who gave Hudgens control of the final product.

"He let me know it was going to be OK, and at the end of the day, if there's something I don'r like, we can snip it out of there. [...] It was like a great compromise. I think that it turns out really beautiful and artistic."

Hudgens released "$$$ex" on Friday. "Spring Breakers" is out in wide release right now; the film earned almost $90,000 from three theaters in New York and Los Angeles last weekend.

For more on Hudgens' new track, head over to E! Online.

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