Vanessa Hudgens 'Spring Breakers': 'Crazy Party Girl' With Selena Gomez

While most of the world is trying to make it through the end of winter, there are three ladies who are very much on spring break.

Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Benson began filming their raucous vacation flick, "Spring Breakers," and it seems all three stars are embracing their inner party animals.

While Gomez revealed that even she deviates from her good-girl persona in the movie, Hudgens told E! Online's Marc Malkin that her character, Candy, is "the crazy party girl."

"Spring Breakers" follows the three fun-seeking ladies as they attempt to hold up a bank to finance their spring break plans. James Franco plays a sketchball drug dealer who bails them out. (Of course.)

Hudgens explained that the filming unfolds in the "craziest manic way," which the former "High School Musical" said is a nice excuse to "let loose."

But this isn't just a flight of fancy for Hudgens, who revealed that she has a bit of a wild side in real life.

"I'm certainly not one who is going to rob a bank," she said. "But there is a part of me that loves smashing things and I get to do that."

While no release date is set, "Spring Breakers" hits theaters sometime in 2013.