Vanessa Hudgens Reveals Bindi Dust Lines, Should Probably Look Up The Definition Of 'Cultural Appropriation' [UPDATED]

Vanessa Hudgens Should Probably Look Up The Definition Of 'Cultural Appropriation'

Apparently, it is particularly dusty at the celebrity promenade also known as Coachella. So dusty, in fact, that Vanessa Hudgens has what appear to be tan lines, but are actually dust lines from her bindi.

This photo should alert us to a variety of issues (such as concern for the amount of minute granular rock that is being breathed into the delicate lungs of young Hollywood), but most importantly, the fact that it is super inappropriate to wear religious adornments as festival wear.

Many of Hudgens followers have criticized the choice, inciting a mini-debate that includes such comments as "Do you even know the significance of a bindi in Hinduism/ Indian Culture?" as well as "You not the culture police."

It's true, "you not the culture police," but, as her friend Selena Gomez ought to have learned from the choice to perform "Come And Get It" in a bindi, cultural appropriation is, at its least, uncool, and at its worst, extremely offensive.

The remaining Coachella attendees (who apparently are all also wearing bindis) should consider gathering dust on funky, boho accessories that do not undermine religious significance, such as fun sunglasses or a whimsically large hat.

UPDATE: Vanessa Hudgens has apparently looked up the definition of "cultural appropriation" and gotten some other ideas for playfully offensive accessories, such as this Native headdress. The photo is too blurry to say for sure, but we can safely assume she is also still wearing that dusty bindi.

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