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Vanessa Paradis Talks Age, Childhood Fame & Her 'Bohemian' Lifestyle (PHOTOS)

Vanessa Paradis sat down for British Vogue's July issue to discuss her ageless style, her membership to the French Lolita tribe and her constant need to move around. Jo Ellison writes that Miss Paradis' handlers requested that she not be called "Mrs. Depp," although she and Johnny have been together since 1998 and have two children (ages 9 and 12)...and four homes.

On whether she considers her lifestyle bohemian:

"Bohemian -- with lots of privilege. Real bohemians don't get running water most of the time. It's a fashionable word, bohemian..."

On taking care of herself:

"I do definitely look after myself, much more than I used to," she says in a girlish, sing-song voice that would seem pure parody were it not for its occasional Californian inflections. "After a lotta years of smoking, I quit, hopefully forever, four years ago. And it was not just for the voice that I quit. It was time. And I do exercise. Not a lot. I discovered yoga."

On her childhood fame:

In Paris, she was pilloried by the public who resented her precocity and took to spitting at her in the street or daubing the walls near her home with things like "Vanessa Paradis is a whore". "It became really big, really quick," she recalls. "It was a weird time. Especially as a teenager, when you start to get rough with your parents. That wasn't nice."

On age (she's 38):

She strikes me as being unusually upbeat about the passing of time. "Well, I mean, what do you wanna do?" she shrugs. "You can pull what you're gonna pull..." She stretches her fingers across her face to simulate a lift. "But it's always going to be there -- the age and the lack of limberness. It's not about that. It depends what you've achieved in your life, and where you are at in your life."

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