Vanilla Ice Helps Couple Announce Their Pregnancy, And It's The Chillest

Having help from Vanilla Ice is definitely one of them.

Check out this happy, hilarious announcement from Jason and Emily Teck, a South Florida couple who found just the right neighbor to make the punchline "ice, ice baby" work better than anyone ever has before.

Emily, a children's musician, told The Huffington Post the joke has a special meaning: Jason used to rap "Ice Ice Baby" to her while they were dating.

"But only in the car," she said. "That's his jam."

So when the couple learned they were pregnant with their first child, they reached out to Ice's manager -- and found the rapper was totally down to stop, collaborate and pose for a photo. Jason's marketing agency, S4T Group, then designed the announcement.

Anything less than the best, after all, is a felony.

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