Are You Hotter Than Bieber? Measure Now With The World's Vainest iPhone App

Rachel Mansur

TGIF. What better day to take a break from the week's dwindling grind? Below, a video demo plus instructions for indulging in a little tech-aided vanity during your next water cooler hiatus. An iPhone is necessary, so if you don't have one, find a co-worker stat.

1. Buy & Download.

Visit the iTunes store and squander $4.99 on the Vanity iPhone app. (Yes, pretty pricey)

2. Record & Measure.

Snap a photo with your iPhone's camera, and correctly place your vanity dots. For the most "accurate" results, make sure you check out the app's dot placement instructions beforehand.

3. Share.

Did you fare surprisingly well? Then brag about it. Vanity lets you share your score card via Facebook, Myspace, Hotmail, Gmail, and yahoo.

Below, a selection of 10 celebs arranged in order of attractiveness according to the Vanity app. How did you measure up? Hopefully you beat out Iggy...but good luck with Adriana. Comment below.

Iggy Pop--6.4/10

Lady Gaga--7.6/10

Justin Bieber--7.9/10

Robert Pattinson--8.0/10

Brad Pitt--8.3/10

Kim Kardashian--8.6/10

Justin Timberlake--8.7/10

Mila Kunis--9.1/10

Angelina Jolie--9.2/10

Adriana Lima--9.4/10

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