Vanna White Drags A Present In Hilarious 'Wheel Of Fortune' Fail

Merry Christmas, Internet.

This is a present for all of us (but mostly for Vanna White's dress).

In a hilarious wardrobe fail, a present, which was decorating the "Wheel of Fortune" set, caught on White's dress as she was walking by the puzzle board in a recent episode. The game show star then unknowingly dragged the present across the set, bringing Christmas early for the Internet.

White shouldn't feel too embarrassed. Contestants make mistakes all the time. Still, the clip is so ridiculous that host Pat Sajak got it played back twice. And who could blame him? That gift just keeps on giving.

Image: <a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rUuz4c-q8MI">Wheel of Fortune</a>
Image: Wheel of Fortune

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