This Vintage Vaseline Commercial Reminds Us Why It's The 'Wonder Jelly'

Is This A Cure-All For Everything?

The editors here at HuffPost Style are split on using Vaseline. While we now know that petroleum jelly isn't as harmless as we once thought, nothing seems to soothe our dry, chapped skin quite like the gooey substance.

In the 1980s commercial above, we are reminded of the many uses for Vaseline. From lip balm to foot cream to makeup remover, this emollient product that's been around since 1872 can "fix" just about anything. (Who knew that it could also silence squeaky doors and shine up our worn leather shoes?) And it doesn't hurt that you can purchase a big jar of this stuff at the drugstore for under $5. We're still scraping the sides of our tub of Vaseline from last winter...

We may not be sold on the "100 percent pure claim," but we can attest to the "let it work wonders for you" tagline. Where do you stand on the Vaseline debate?

Healthier alternatives to petroleum jelly:

Petroleum Jelly Alternatives

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