'Vazquez Sounds' Sign With Sony Music (VIDEO)

Thanks to a video gone viral on YouTube, another set of young tweens have gone from covering songs to getting signed by a music company. That's right, the "Vazquez Sounds", an amateur musical trio from Mexico, just got signed by Sony Music.

With over 12 million hits on YouTube covering Adele's hit single, 'Rolling In The Deep', the internet sensations were bound to be scooped up by a music company. "Vazquez Sounds" is made up of three siblings: Angie (10, vocals), Abelardo (15, guitar/bass/piano), and Gustavo Vazquez (13, drums), from Mexicali, Baja California.

According to Vive Lo Hoy, the siblings' father, Abelardo Vazquez, said that there is a possibility to produce a full-length record, but for now "Vazquez Sounds" are set to release a new track every three weeks via iTunes.