Vatican Car Used To Smuggle Drugs

Vatican Car Used To Smuggle Drugs

Two Italians were arrested on Tuesday after French police found cocaine and cannabis in the Vatican librarian's car.

The car belonged to retired 91-year-old Argentine Cardinal Jorge Maria Mejia, who is currently bedridden. The cardinal's secretary entrusted the detained men with the car for a routine service.

The not-so-dynamic Italian duo allegedly bought the drugs in Spain and were stopped at a toll station near the French Alps in Chambéry. Outlets are reporting different amounts but according to Business Insider, the car was found with a whopping 4 kilos of cocaine and anywhere between 150 and 200 grams of marijuana. Some reports claim the two may have been motivated by the protection of the car's official diplomatic plates.

The Holy See confirmed the car was one of its own but emphasized the Italians are not Vatican City citizens nor do they have any affiliation with the Pope or his staff members.

Pope Francis has come down hard on drug usage, calling drug addiction "evil" and frequently condemning the legalization of recreational drugs.

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