Vatican Scandals: Will The Vatican's Massive Scandals End The Catholic Church As We Know It? (LIVE DISCUSSION)

Huge institutions, struggling with corruption and suffering historic crises of legitimacy, are becoming all too commonplace these days. Could the same fate befall the largest Christian denomination in the world?

Recently, Catholics -- including Chris Matthews -- have worried that the power of government could destroy the authority of the Church. At a time when institutional corruption worldwide has become a strong source of disillusionment and anger, concerns are growing that the Vatican is in danger of losing its own authority.

With a host of scandals and no hope of a bailout, the Vatican is working to regain its footing by showing a willingness to play by modern rules. For example, the Holy See has hired a Fox News correspondent to run its communications shop.

Is a more corporate approach the Catholic Church's silver bullet?

Can the Vatican right its ship without radically reforming its power structure, or is it time for sweeping change at the top?

What happens to religion if churches are perceived as just as corrupt as big institutions in the secular world?

Watch the Huffington Post's Jacob Soboroff live discussion with HuffPost's Senior Religion Editor Rev. Paul Brandeis Raushenbush, National Correspondent for The American Conservative Michael Brendan Dougherty, 'Tightly Wound' Blogger Silagh White, Roberta Proffitt Lavin, Chair and Professor of Nursing and Health, Clarke University at 4:00PM EST on Thursday, July 12, 2012.

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