Brings Luxury Consignment Shopping Online

Is that a Chloe bag? For HOW much? OMG.

We're huge fans of thrifting, and like, well, everyone who thrifts, we're always hoping we'll find that one amazing classic Dior bag or strand of Chanel pearls languishing at the bottom of a bargain bin.

Now, one website is trying to take the guessing game out of vintage shopping. At, shoppers can peruse the closets of the luxury -- and actually purchase their items on consignment.

The New York Times reports that Christian Leone and Leah Park, the site's founders, met as execs at Gilt Groupe, that famous flash sale shopping site. But Vaunte combines the luxury appeal of Gilt with the thrifty pleasures of vintage shopping; Leone and Park work with chic Manhattan women to help them find items they wish to sell, list them online and ship the couture to the purchaser.

The Proenza and Oscar you can find on Vaunte are 100% authentic, and there's no eBay-like bidding wars: just click and buy. Current treasures listed on the site include exclusive goodies straight from the Upper East Side, like a $600 Carolina Herrera gown and a Rag & Bone leather jacket.

And exclusive it is -- unlike Gilt and other deal sites that offer unlimited invitations, at Vaunte members are only allowed to bring on two of their chicest friends.

Ahem, Vaunte: can we join? Please?

Update: you can now get direct access to Vaunte (no waiting!) through The Huffington Post here.

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